Executive Chairs and Desks to Install in Your Workspace for a Healthy Lifestyle!

When it comes to office furniture, a majority of employers don’t put that much effort into selecting them. Some opt for the ones that uplift the aesthetics of a workplace while some just go for the cheaper option.

However, in both of the cases, the people using them can become a victim of several disorders. Imagine having employees in your office suffering from nerve and muscle disorder or tendon injuries due to your executive chairs and desks! Or for that matter, yourself are suffering from them.

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Something is wrong!

Several medical conditions like the ones mentioned above arise due to faulty lifestyle. When a person spends a considerable part of the day in an office, what does this reflect? Yes, it’s not a healthy workspace.

Time to buy ergonomic furniture for your office!

Before deciding how to select the right type of furniture, have a look at the types that are available.

Types of Ergonomic Furniture:

  • Adjustable height desks furniture – Designed to provide comfort while you work, these office desks are adjustable in size. Electronically modified, they offer height customisation according to your need.


  • Standing desks – Similar in feature compared to the above, these desks bring flexibility to your work. You can stretch out while working. These desks can support heavy loads. They can also function as a computer table if needed.


  • Ergonomic chairs – Available in different shapes and sizes, these chairs can be used in multiple places. They are built keeping in mind the aesthetic appeal of a workspace. So, they can be used as executive chairs or in the lobby for meetings and other general purposes.

These are some well-known innovations of modern times that provide comfort and ensure the quality of life. The designers keep tweaking these designs and help minimise health conditions that arise out of prolonged working hours in an office. The designers also take care that the look and feel of the furniture are on par with other luxury alternatives.

So, now when you know the types, the next question that arises is:

How do I decide which ergonomic furniture is the best?

Whether you plan to buy new furniture or renovation is on your mind, here are tips that can help you choose the best option!

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Features to look for in an ergonomic chair:

  • Foot support – It is the primary lookout. An office chair needs to have foot support to stretch and relax leg muscles.


  • Seat height – Seat height needs to be adjustable from 16-21 inches so that it provides ample space for your legs.


  • Width and depth of seat – Standard width of an ergonomic chair should be 17-20 inches. The depth needs to be sufficient for a person to stretch the back against the chair’s back-rest.


  • Support to lumbar spine – Lumbar spine provides full support to the upper body while you sit. When you buy, you must check whether the chair provides adjustable support to the lumbar spine which is curved inwards in a human body.


  • Back-rest – An ergonomic chair’s back-rest should have a width of 12-19 inches. It should also be adjustable in backward and forward angles.

Some other features to keep in mind while you buy these chairs are the chair’s seat material and armrest. It should also have a swivel that gives a 360-degree rotation.

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Be it a desktop table, an executive chair or chairs in the meeting room, buy office furniture for that takes care of everyone’s health. It would help serve your company and your employees as well.

One last tip! Do not let the cheap deals trap you. You may get a variety of sellers that sell cheap furniture. But they do not last long. It is better to invest big in those executive chairs once than incurring replacement costs every two years.