Here’s How Fireproof Furniture is Essential for Modern Office Fixtures

Comfortability is a significant aspect that employers seek while purchasing office furniture. Not only is the comfort of employees but investing in assets that are durable and resilient in extreme situations is also necessary.

Circumstances like fire blaze can be catastrophic for your business. As much as 80% companies put a shutter to their business if there’s a fire in their building. This is due to their inability to replace the lost documents.

Hence, buying fireproof cabinet Dubai aids assistance to this end when there is an unforeseen situation like the occurrence of fire. Albeit, cabinets aren’t the most glamorous thing in your office, but buying furniture that is fireproof can also keep employees safe.

Additionally, the cabinet not only keeps documents organised, but it also preserves all the records in the long run. Hence, the fireproof cabinet for office use is increasingly gaining popularity.

Thus, buying these cabinets is a smart investment plan for your office.

Can fireproof furniture keep the required documents as safe as it claims?


Unlike regular cabinets that dissuade an authorised person to use it, fireproof cabinets are much more than that. They are designed to endure extreme heat, which the fire generates, to keep all files and papers safe.

Papers ignite at only 177 degree Celsius temperature, whereas an average fire goes up to a temperature of 600 degree Celsius. Thus, these cabinets are tested to endure the heat and deter from spreading inside. A good fireproof cabinet can keep the files and documents safe for two hours, which would be enough for fire service to respond.

There’s an added advantage to fireproof furniture. If any of the drawers are open and catches fire, the documents in other drawers remain safe and unaffected.

Hence, modern office desks Dubai that are fireproof can help in lowering the risk of losing documents in case of any catastrophe.

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Files that you must keep safely

You may not be able to buy all the furniture in your office that’ll be fireproof. However, ensure you kept these following documents safe and locked away in fireproof cabinets.

  • Permits
  • Income tax return files and tax records
  • Leases
  • Necessary certifications
  • Mortgage deeds
  • Proof of ownership
  • Client files
  • Account histories
  • Payroll records
  • Meeting minutes

Fixtures that should be fireproof

  1. Reception desks

It is always safe to have reception desks Dubai that are fireproof. Since these desks are usually kept in the front, any chance of unexpected blazes nearby can stop it from spreading in the whole office.

  1. File cabinets

Its significance can’t be stressed enough as you keep all the documents and recorded files here. Fireproof cabinet keeps all the paperwork safe from fire in the office.

  1. Fireproof chairs

These may not be an essential addition to your office fixtures. But, fireproof chairs can control the spread of fire and have a practical effect on reducing the risk of affecting human beings in an inferno.

Thus, fireproof modern office furniture can be a part of your disaster-management recovery plan.

There are other advantages of modern office furniture, besides being fireproof, like:

  • They provide mobility. Workers don’t have to sit in one place the whole day and complain about backaches anymore.
  • Office workers today prefer an open and friendly workspace instead of cubicles. Therefore, modern office desks and other fixtures enable interior designers to use the office space judiciously.
  • Modern office furniture is durable and comfortable as well. They include ergonomic chairs with wide armrests and sitting space.
  • These types of furniture are also affordable. However, you can avail online discounts and coupons if you face a financial

Thus, an office space that has modern fixtures provides comfort along with safety and become an ideal workplace for workers.